Ivo Blajev

Experienced Software Engineer with a proven ability to design and implement software applications with high quality, on time and on target.



Programming Languages and Technologies: 
Java, J2EE (JSP, JSF, Servlets, JMS, EJB), JPA, Hibernate, Spring, JavaScript/Ajax, Dojo, JDBC, SQL, C/C++, Shell Scripting, XML, Maven, Ant, SOAP/REST Web Services, J2ME, InstallShield, Eclipse plugins, OSGi, VMWare

OS Environments: 
Windows, UNIX (Linux, AIX and Sun Solaris)

Application Servers: 
WebSphere, Apache Tomcat, WebLogic, jBoss

Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, MS Visual Studio

Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server

Test Automation:
jUnit, Selenium


    September 2012 - present    Thomson Reuters
Senior Software Engineer   
    May 2001 - August 2012    IBM
Advisory Software Engineer

  • Design and development of IBM Service and Support Manager for Systems Director and Flex System Manager of the PureSystems cloud offering. Team security focal point.

  • Designed and developed support for servers equipped with Integrated Management Module service processor in IBM Service and Support Manager and IBM Electronic Service Agent for System x products.

  • Designed and developed configurable application server log monitoring and reporting tool. Application server log files are periodically scanned at run time and analyzed. A report containing list of potential software application malfunctions and debug data is sent via eMail for further investigation.

  • Enhancements and bug fixes for various JSP and JSF pages, as well as JavaScript code for IBM Service and Support Manager and IBM Electronic Service Agent for System x.

  • Enhancements and bug fixes in JDBC code and SQL code. Ported product's DB2 SQL code to Oracle PL/SQL and Microsoft SQL server.

  • Developed Servlet and JSF code to allow users to download large (>4GB) hardware diagnostics files to web browser.

  • Developed JMS client to test product's hardware alerts support in OEM branded installations.

  • Team lead for IBM Electronic Service Agent for System x.

  • Development of SOAP based entitlement web service for IBM service data receiver infrastructure to retrieve hardware maintenance agreement and customer contact data.

  • Level 3 support engineer for IBM Electronic Service Agent for System x and IBM Service and Support Manager. Worked directly with customers to resolve issues.

  • Backported Integrated Management Module hardware support for a limited availability customer fix resulting in $10 million sales win for IBM.

  • Developed customized version of IBM Electronic Service Agent for System x for Tokyo Customs in Japan resulting in a sales win for IBM.

  • Implemented inventory data collection and processing, scalability and performance code improvements for IBM Service and Support Manager.

  • Designed and developed a rule based serviceable events recognition engine.

  • Designed and developed configurable and extendable inventory and diagnostics data collection framework. Diagnostics data collection framework allows local as well as remote session collection through various proprietary protocols.

  • Designed and developed hardware problem reporting API for storage control console software, allowing storage device hardware problems to be reported to IBM.

  • Development and maintenance of automated junit and selenium test cases.

  • Designed and developed C++ CIM indication consumer provider for Open Pegasus CIMOM server running on Linux that invokes an external java process in the event serviceable CIM indications are detected.

  • Developed C++ Windows service that starts and stops product's core java application demon.

  • Development of shell scripts (bash, korn) for Linux and AIX. Developed Linux kernel log (/var/log/messages) monitor and parser in C++ to determine hardware device problem description from log file entries.

  • Design, development and maintenance of eclipse RCP plugins and extension points, XML configuration file parsing and dynamic policy file updates.

  • Developed IBM Service and Support Manager API documentation web site outlining product's eclipse extension points, JavaDoc, OSGi services and example code for internal exploiters within the company.

  • Enhancements and bug fixes in InstallShield code for product installation on Windows and Linux. Enhancements and maintenance of Ant build scripts.

  • Development of java code, shell scripts for IBM Electronic Service Agent for Power Systems (Linux and AIX). Developed RPM spec file for product installation on Power Linux (RedHat and SUSE).

  • Enhancements and bug fixes in java software for IBM's 3890™ high speed document processor hardware used by financial institutions to sort and tally checks, utility payment and gift certificates. Software processes, displays and submits binary data to an expert system for analysis.

  • Design and development of IBM multi-platform service agent. Responsible for RMI sub-agent communication, Java Swing UI, REST web service data reporting client, inventory, performance and diagnostics data collectors and schedulers, SNMP trap receiver, eMail notification module and modem dial-up functions.

  • System setup and administration of IBM System X and BladeCenter® servers.

    December 2000 - May 2001   Venturi Technology Partners (formerly BEST Consulting)
Software Developer
  • Developer for an insurance company that sells and administers pet health insurance policies.
  • Developed a Web based system for uploading product item images to an Oracle database.
    April 1999 - December 2000    Consonus Inc. 
Web Software Developer
  • Design and development of a web based system allowing senior care provider companies to create self-branded intranet solutions for consumer oriented and B2B services using WebMethods Integration Server.
  • Design and development of JSP, EJB, Servlets, JavaScript, ColdFusion and SQL code for web applications. 
    October 1998 - March 1999   Strategy Object Ltd
Java Programmer

  • Design and development of a pure Java client-server software built around the concept of electronic documents. These computerized representations of paper documents encapsulate the various data, states and logic rules required for a business process to fulfill its purpose.
    June 1996 - October 1998    Institute of Computer and Communication Systems at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
  • Web applications development Java, JavaScript, HTML, CGI programming, Perl. UNIX and Windows system administration, customer support.


  • Building Applications with Dojo, February 2012
  • Information Security, October 2011
  • Discipline Agile Development Workshop, May 2008
  • Developing Plugins for the Eclipse Platform, November 2006
  • Java technologies for Web Services, July 2005
  • IBM Enterprise Application Development for Java and Struts, August 2004
  • Using WebSphere Development Tools, September 2003
  • WebLogic Enterprise Applications Development, January 2000
  • Informix i.Sell Application Development, September 1999
  • Solaris System Administration, March 1997


  • 20 IBM Thanks and IBM BlueThx peer recognition Awards, 2003 - 2012
  • IBM Bravo! Award for outstanding contribution, October 2008
  • IBM Bravo! Award for outstanding contribution, August 2006
  • IBM Bravo! Award for outstanding contribution, November 2003
  • Pacific Northwest Tech Connect Fair Award, July 2003
  • Award for valuable contributions to Consonus Inc, December 1999


  1992 - 1997  Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria
Master of Science degree in Computer Systems
Faculty of Computer Systems and Control





  • English
  • French
  • Russian
  • Bulgarian